The Deadline
SHIFTING SANDS THEATRE toured Spring 2008, an exciting collaboration with Nottingham based writer Andy Barrett. Directed and co-devised by Gerry Flanagan with design by Julian Hanby.

Clown Noir - A Comic Fantasy of Deceit, Double Cross and Murder.

Toured Spring 2008

A postman delivers a parcel. Needing a signature, he knocks. The door opens. He ventures into the dark house to find a terrified woman. She is beautiful and beguiling. He is a clown: wide-eyed and stupid. She is his femme fatale. Seduced by her lies, he is confronted by increasingly sinister figures. Can he help her? He is only a postman.

Shifting Sands presents a dynamic celebration of Film Noir, of thrillers and detective films, peopled by double-crossers, hard-boiled characters and women in peril, blackmailers and losers. Raymond Chandler meets Laurel and Hardy in a shadowy world of menace and bad luck where nothing is ever what it seems. Imagine Raymond Chandler meeting Buster Keaton - with Laurel and Hardy as hitmen.
THE DEADLINE is a visual feast of clowning and physical theatre by turns irreverent and moving, comic and heart breaking.
THE DEADLINE is not a parody or spoof but clown theatre with an edge,
where the games played are dark and comic.
Welcome to… Clown Noir!