Faustus –A Devilish Comedy was so successful that the production toured three times between 2000 and 2002. Directed by Gerry Flanagan with Design by Julian Hanby with a cast of three actors. Gerry Flanagan played Faustus in all three tours joined by performers Alex Byrne and Nina Hosiasluoma (Tour 1), Eduardo Coelho and Paschale Straiton (Tour 2 and 3) and Kyriakos Haritos (Tour 3)

A fresh devised version of the epic story using both Goethe and Marlowe’s texts as a starting point.

“the audience lapped it up (and) entered into the spirit of an exciting fun production. I had a great time!” West End News

When an old man makes a pact with the Devil we are launched into a comic yet moving quest to find the key to his soul. But what starts as a game turns nasty as he is seduced by ambition and by an appetite for power…
Tragedy looms.
Bored, belittled and frustrated, Mr Faustus dreams of greater things. Life, love and wealth had passed him by. The Residential Home beckons. He longs for one last taste of life. Before it is too late he wants to make his mark He remembers meeting someone, clearly well connected, who had understood all his frustrations. Should he get in touch? There can’t be much danger in talking. After all, what has he got to lose?

FAUSTUS –A Devilish Comedy is an original piece redefining the essential elements of the myth but using the well-known archetypal characters of the story. Clown, melodrama, and strong visual imagery are used to animate these characters, making them sympathetic and relevant to a modern audience.

“provocative and quite devilishly funny”
Ipswich Evening Star on Faustus