Romeo & Juliet
Directed by Gerry Flanagan, design by Julian Hanby. Performers: Gerry Flanagan, Dennis Herdman and Paschale Straiton.

Two men and a feisty English Rose decide to put on a play: Romeo and Juliet. But can a cast of just three succeed? Leaping into one of the world's most famous family feuds they tackle the pitfalls of Shakespearean English, scale the dizzy heights of adolescent passion and plummet the depths of a lover's despair. Both men want to be Romeo, but Juliet is not sure either of them fits the bill.

What begins as a game becomes deadly serious as the tragedy reveals unexpected comic opportunities. Will these three playful clowns resist turning Shakespeare's masterpiece into farce or will they fall under the spell of the passion and poetry?

“A wonderful sense of play - One of the most enjoyable and hilarious productions I have seen – inspiring.” Total Theatre

“A fascinating interpretation…moving and innovative. Would that Shakespeare was performed this way when I was at school!” Reading Chronicle

An adaptation of great innovation and uniqueness - very special indeed - inspirational. Whoever you are, you would’ve loved it !” Essex County Standard

“A side-splitting production – creates a novel and highly memorable version of the star-crossed lovers." Chelmsford Weeky News