Three actors create a show that is both hilarious and moving in a refreshing and imaginative adaptation of the classic tales. This is the Arabian Nights as you have never seen them before!

The Sultan summons a new wife every night.
Every morning he has her strangled.
All are powerless before him. As the number of his victims mounts, the fear grows.
Who will be next?

Then Scherazade, the daughter of the High Counsellor, demands to be the next wife. All are dumbfounded. Has she lost her senses?

She enters the lion’s den, armed only with her wits, her courage and the germ of an idea.
Will the brutal Sultan kill her like the others?
Or can she save herself ... and stop the killing???

A vivid interpretation of the stories spun by Scherazade, ARABIAN NIGHTS…AND DAYS! is a feast of physical comedy, clowning and storytelling theatre. Come on a magic carpet ride to a universe full of laughter, danger and wonder! See how to trick a powerful genie, mix magic potions, open a door that hides the secrets of the world, teach a parrot to become your personal spy ... and much. much more.
Storytelling. Probably the oldest form of entertainment, the oldest form of theatre. Using the magic of the spoken word and the simplest of objects – a piece of wood, a scrap of cloth, a bundle of wool – we will create a visual feast, a storytelling odyssey to excite your imagination.