Pandora's Box (1999)
Pandora’s Box was directed by Gerry Flanagan, with performers Tom Anderson Ruth Dawes Alan Tacey, and Tony Tyson. Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council. The production toured village halls and community centres.

A thrill seeker enters a world where nothing is quite what it seems when he is determined to join Marvo’s Travelling Show….Yet there may be a price to pay for gaining the knowledge of magic and illusion!

See the wonders of the ancient world…
Marvel as the secrets of the ancients are revealed.

The solitary showman, the old ragged figure with his Curiosity Box, is full of stories and wonders. His Box contains a feather from the Giant Roc that carried Sinbad into the skies across the ocean, a phial containing the sweat of Hercules, an image of the most fearsome monster in the world. But his story is the strangest of all. It all began when Marvo’s Travelling Show came to town.

Pandora’s Box is full of the wonders of yesteryear when the sight of a bearded lady, the smell of the giraffe and the taste if chocolate were unforgettable.

Everyone dreams of escaping from their humdrum existence into a world of wonder and fantasy. Pandora’s Box is the story of one person’s journey into a world of illusion and magic. It is the comic adventure of a thrill seeker who opens one door too many.

Using clowning, masks, music and striking visual images, Pandora’s Box tells a story, which will make you laugh, tremble and even gasp.