Press Quotes
“a plot riddled with twists and turns , with enough red herrings and gasp-shock denouements to confuse and stun even the most die-hard Dashiell Hammett fan: spot-on clown and physical theatre.”
Total Theatre on The Deadline.

“clever theatre, using slapstick, clowning, grotesque and at times ‘Pythonesque’ performances exceptionally executed - set, stage and props were used with ingenuity and humour - a quirky and fun night out.”
Maidenhead Advertiser on The Devil’s Doctor.

"A compelling production presented by hugely talented performers...a wonderfully inventive retelling of Dicken's bittersweet tale. The audience were completely absorbed"
Total Theatre on Great Expectations

“A wonderful sense of play - One of the most enjoyable and hilarious productions I have seen – inspiring.”
Total Theatre on Romeo and Juliet

“A side-splitting production – creates a novel and highly memorable version of the star-crossed lovers.
Chelmsford Weeky News on Romeo&Juliet

“provocative and quite devilishly funny”
Ipswich Evening Star on Faustus

An adaptation of great innovation and uniqueness - very special indeed - inspirational. Whoever you are, you would’ve loved it !”
Essex County Standard on Romeo&Juliet

“delightful, spectacular and inventive”
Judy Kenney, Programme Manager Performing Arts, New College, Nottingham

“ reveals that wonderful art of being able to laugh, with others, at ourselves”
Il Lavoro (Italy)

“ that wonderful, bewildered clown, Gerry Flanagan”
Time Out

“A fascinating interpretation…moving and innovative. Would that Shakespeare was performed this way when I was at school!”
Reading Chronicle on Romeo & Juliet
"Like NOISES OFF on speed! Imaginative and original - enthusiastically mixes clowning and pathos with warm humour, helped by a collection of madcap props."
Maidenhead Advertiser on The Seagull