A major piece of outdoor theatre, MEAN STREETS is a clowning, playful, visual celebration of Thrillers and Murder Mysteries.

"Down these mean streets a man must go who is himself not mean"

The show begins with the discovery of a body. Eddie Rich...nightclub singer.
Everyone is a suspect.No-one leaves until the crime is solved.
Who had the strongest motive?
Who last saw the victim alive?
Who has most to gain from his death?
A plot unfolds riddled with twists and turns pushed as far as they can go, with enough red herrings to confuse and stun the most die-hard Bogart fan.

MEAN STREETS has been created and directed by Gerry Flanagan.
In 2008 he directed Desert Island Discs for Artizani and Pif Paf’s Honey. Previous outdoor theatre directing credits include The Picture House by Swizzleshaker (2005) and The Incredible Bull Circus for Martinez & Fabrega (2003). He also directed Cafe Sway with the team behind Bongo Bolero.