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The King Lear


Three regulars decide to perform their own version of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy and set it in their local - "THE KING LEAR". Instead of a Kingdom they have a pub! Instead a King they have a landlord, Mr Lear! So begins a playful, accessible interpretation of this classic tragedy

Great Expectations


A vivid interpretation of the Dickens’ story distilled into a visual feast of clowning and storytelling theatre in which members of the audience become collaborators in the creation of Pip’s world.

Romeo and Juliet


A production brimful of clowning and visual delights, taking a fresh and invigorating look at Shakespeare’s classic tale.



What starts as a game turns nasty as Shifting Sands take us on a quest for one man’s soul.

Arabian Nights... and Days


A magic carpet ride to a universe of wonder and delight 

Pandora's Box


A thrill seeker enters a world where nothing is quite what it seems when he is determined to join Marvo’s Travelling Show