Shifting Sands Theatre is moving, comic and visually spectacular. The company has developed a reputation for creating a clown’s eye view of epic tales, classic texts as well as devising contemporary material. We perform all over Britain from village halls via outdoor festivals to large-scale theatres. All our work is based upon playfulness.This is the guiding principle of our work. Theatre made playful, physical and visual for greater involvement, enjoyment and accessibility. There is irreverence but no parody. The result - potent drama!

“ reveals that wonderful art of being able to laugh, with others, at ourselves”
Il Lavoro ( Italy )

re-touring 2018
Instead of a Kingdom – a pub!

Instead of a King – Mr Lear, the landlord!

When he announces his retirement and the division of his kingdom between his daughters, Mr Lear imitates his famous namesake and demands to know which of them loves him the most. In so doing he unleashes a tide of pent-up frustration and jealousy.

Hilarious and heart breaking, The King Lear will unfold using physical theatre, clowning and vibrant storytelling all linked by Shakespeare’s magnificent text. What starts as a game becomes real as SHIFTING SANDS play with Shakespeare’s ingredients yet remain faithful to his themes.

"THE KING LEAR" re-touring spring 2018 - click on the hand